António Mota, naturopath and CuraNatura director,
together with several packages to be shipped.

CuraNatura is owned by Kontaktotal - Consultores Associados, Lda, founded in 2004. Capital: 40.000 €.
Tax number: PT506209857

In 1989 we contacted and met personally  the scientist Sacadura Bretes, a member of Portuguese Association of Creativity, who owned land containing the  plant Aloe Vera Arborescens  that he studied for over twenty years. Told us and shown in his study: in Portugal, with a distance up to 20/25 km seafront (CuraNatura bio plantation is located 2 km from the seafront) and on some islands of the Azores and Madeira, there is the best variety of this plant, precious to strengthen the immune system and preventing or treating some diseases, several of which are reported in the Testimonials on this website.

Since August.2000 we take regularly a nutraceutical based on  Aloe Vera Arborescens, a 100 % natural and ancestral recipe widely disclosed by the Brazilian Friar Romano Zago of Franciscans Order.         

The good results obtained and direct knowledge of numerous successful cases, encouraged us, in 2011, to embrace wholeheartedly and love this project. The results, as expected, have been positive by the high percentage of successful cases of improvements and cures.


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          Arthur Amaro,               Artisanal production, although with increased 
             Sales Man,                  manpower, is the one that best guarantees
                                               the proper distribution of the ingredients.

       and collaborators,          
       finalizing an order
  FRZ® Aloe Arborescens                          


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       Ana de Carvalho on production                    CuraNatura - organic nursery Aloe Arborescens


CURANATURA – organic Aloe Arborescens plantation 2 km from the seafront,
at Santa Cruz beach / Portugal



Storefronts CuraNatura Laboratory
Av. Bombeiros Voluntários, 49
3130-202 Soure / Portugal