Aloe Arborescens

Aloe Arborescens

Aloe Arborescens

Aloe Arborescens is one of approximately two hundred varieties of the Aloe plant and, according to scientific studies it has the most effective properties of all the combined Aloe plants.   Although resembling a cactus it belongs to the lily family and produces a majestic red flower in the winter.

It’s potency is unmatched for providing the human body with a complete spectrum of phytonutrients and nutraceutical properties necessary to support, strengthen and eliminate waste particles in a healthy immune system. Your body rebuilds into a healthy state with remarkably improved functions.

The medical properties of Aloe Arborescens has been known for hundreds of years but it was the Brazilian monk Romano Zago who rediscovered and improved it with a new formula turning it into a powerful detoxifying agent. He simply coupled it with two more ingredients: honey and 1% organic alcohol.

Aloe Arborescens is not just another kind of Aloe plant. Recent studies, administered by the Institute Palatinin Salzano, Venice, Italy, concluded that Aloe Arborescens is substantially richer in medicinal substances when compared to all other Aloe Vera varieties. See the differences here.

 Romano Zago’s mixture works as an effective cleansing procedure for your entire body. The alcohol dilates the blood vessels for the Aloe Arborescens to reach further into areas of your body. The honey works as a carrier to facilitate the cleaning operation. In ordinary cases, usually within 15 days, the blood is completely cleansed.

End statement: "This preparation acts like a broom that sweeps the blood and body completely clean while at the same time effectively improve your immune system. Actually all adults living in today’s toxic world would benefit remarkably if this FRZ cure is taken annually for at least 10 days."

Side Effects and Benefits:

You could experience a few side effects during the first two or three days of use. They represent, in fact, expulsion, the release from the body of impure substances and could emancipate as a slight form of diarrhoea or a slight feeling of morning sickness. However, these symptoms are rare, of no serious sufficiency and are actually a positive sign of the FRZ’s effect on your body.


CuraNatura organic plantation Aloe Arborescens

Aloe Arborescens vs Aloe Barnadensis (Aloe Vera)

There are about two hundred varieties of Aloe, but only three or four have medicinal properties, lying Arborescens on top . 
It is important to know the differences the these two main varieties of this plant. click here.