Address Kontaktotal - Consultores Associados, Lda.

Avenida Bombeiros Voluntários, 49
3130-202 Soure

VAT ID : PT506209857

Company Registration: Cascais Commercial Registry Office
Code: PT506209857

Phone (+351) 239 069 354 *- 96 69 505 61 ** (Rede fixa*|móvel** Portugal)
Contacto Ana Carvalho


Online Dispute Resolution in accordance with Article 14, Section 1 ODR-VO

The European Commission is providing a platform for online dispute resolution (OS), that can be found at .
For more information please visiti the our page about Alternative Dispute Resolution


Online Complaint Book

In accordance with Law DL no. 156/2005, of 15 September, amended by Decree-Law no. 74/2017, of 21 June, our company has an online complaint book for its customers.
If you wish to submit a complaint, respectively, to a purchased item, contracted service or other subject, it deserves our best attention. 
Contact us first so we have the opportunity to resolve your issue.

If you want to proceed with your complaint, use the Electronic Complaint Book_(