Successful Episodes with Aloe Vera Arborescens

Traduzca al Español y le pedimos disculpas por este inconveniente.

José A. / Almada, Portugal, in email from 01-08-2021:

"I have stomach cancer and I'm undergoing chemotherapy.
I feel FRZ Aloe Arborescens is helping me at this stage!
I am optimistic about the future.


          CuraNatura biological plantation in January 2020
                on the Atlantic Ocean seafront 2 km from
             Santa Cruz beach / Torres Vedras / Portugal


Alain F. - Belgium - in email of 22-07-2021, after having taken 2 more FRZ® with just the expression:
"Fantastic / the metastasis decreased..."

Previously, when placing an order for 2 FRZ® on 05-26-2021, he reported via Whatsapp, without specifying the type of cancer:
"I have metastatic cancer to cure."

Summary of the phone call received on 15-07-2021 from our client Ana E. / Faro / Portugal

She has leukemia and has not been able to reverse it with traditional medicine for several years.

She took 6 FRZ® and the markers improved significantly within a few weeks.
The doctor was surprised by the improvements felt, but Ana, as usual in these cases, did not inform him about taking FRZ® Aloe Arborescens.
I recommended taking another 6 FRZ® until October, when she will undergo further analysis.
After that, I recommended taking 2 to 3 FRZ® every season of the year, until the end of life, to strengthen the immune system and avoid re-igniting the problem that affects her and have a general improvement in her health status.

From our agent in Slovenia - K2M - email on 06-05-2021
"Hello Antonio,
I again to place a new order, like the previous one, 32 bottles.
People have realized that syrup is great for health.
Have a beautiful day, Antonio!

We had a crash in our email system from April-2016 to April-2021, the copy of which we have not transcribed and, therefore, there is an absence of reports of testimonials received during this period.


07-04-2016 - Received from Branka T – Greece

Good evening Antonio,

Thank you for your email. I am going to start taking Aloe when my order arrives. Two bottles from my last order I gave to my dad who is not very well, he feels better since taking FRZ.

17-02-2016 – Received from Lenka S - Czech Republic

Good morning Antonio,

Well the shipment has arrived Monday. And it has arrived very well, in good condition, well packed.


I know well about the effects of this aloe arborescens. I have two friends who had cancer and used this aloe during chemotherapy.

One of them advised me and I later took him to that other friend (a co-worker) in the hospital, when he was very ill.

It cannot be said for sure that it cures cancer, by the way, but what I can confirm is that it helps a lot during chemotherapy, that the person does not feel so bad, and they feel like eating. Which is very important.

And since that time many co-workers and I use it as prevention, once or twice a year. I already made them see this your product and I have given them a try, I have informed them about this possibility, your company.

Well, it is probable that someone else from Czech country will make an order for you in the future.

Thank you.
Best regards.

Lenka S.

15-12-2015 – Received from Arthur Melo - Portugal
Prostate - my history

My name is Arthur Melo and I am 54 years old.

As most men above 50 I suffer from a prostatic gland disease called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, abbreviated as BPH

BPH is extremely common. Half of all men over 50 develop symptoms of BPH, but only 10% need medical or surgical intervention.

BPH generally begins in a man's 30s, evolves slowly, and most commonly only causes symptoms around 50.

In BPH, the prostate gland grows in size. It may compress the urethra which courses through the center of the prostate. This can impede the flow of urine from the bladder through the urethra to the outside. It can cause urine to back up in the bladder (retention) leading to the need to urinate frequently during the day and night. Other common symptoms include a slow flow of urine, the need to urinate urgently and difficulty starting the urinary stream.

The conventional maintenance treatment consists in daily taking of a pill of Finasteride or Dutasteride. They act by blocking the action of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which fuels the growth of prostate cells. As the gland reduces in size, symptoms gradually improve. Maximum benefit is only obtained after at least six months of use and the patient requires regular monitoring.

Also used are Alpha blockers. These drugs act by relaxing the bladder muscles, making it easier to pass urine. Examples of drugs in this class include tamsulosin and alfuzosin..

When I was 47 years old start taking a daily Tamsulosin pill.

In 2012 I start taking FRZ nutraceutical for general improvement of my general health condition. FRZ nutraceutical consists of a combination of complete leaves of Aloe Arborescens (not Aloe Barbadensis or Aloe Vera as it is commonly known), honey and a distillate.

After around 3 / 4 months I noticed by accident that when he missed my daily pill of Tamsulosin for a couple of days the symptoms associated with BPH didn´t occur!

Intrigued by the situation I made some more tests and gradually stopped taking the Tamsulosin pill. Since three years ago that I do not take any pill for BPH or make any conventional treatment for BPH. Tests regularly show an improvement of the situation related to BPH.

I am convinced that the FRZ Aloe Arborescens nutraceutical in addition to improving general health, particularly in strengthening the immune system, has the same effect in the treatment of BPH than conventional treatment without side effects.

18-06-2015 – Received from Ana Paula T. - Portugal

We are very happy with my mother's results and I believe that FRZ Aloe Arborescens had a lot of influence in the course of the disease, and as the doctor said yesterday at the consultation, it was with great uncertainty that she prescribed the treatments to D. Rosa given the situation my mother at the level (physical and age). My mother will have another operation to remove the uterus and ovaries.

When everything started, the worst sentence was communicated to us, in the colonoscopy she went to have an inflammation in the intestine, the doctor informed us yesterday.

The group meeting will take place tomorrow Wednesday to decide whether the intestinal transit will be made or not, but the doctor said given the colon exam said it almost certainly.

The organs are liver, intestine and ovary.


09-06-2015 – Received from Santa de Souza – Brasil
Hello my name is santa de souza I live in laguna santa catarina brazil in 2013 i discovered in a module that it was already a cancer in the peritoneum confirmed in 2 biopsies and ituno chemical for doctors i would have to have a big surgery where i would take the vesicle 1 ovary and would do a heated chemotherapy would stay in the ICU for 15 days and there was no guarantee of survival. After the result I started to take Aloe Arborescens with honey recipe from the book Friar Romano Zago that my sister has. I took and repeated taking the exams again and in October 2014 I received the great news of my life my total cure and not even a scar was today I redo all the exams and there is nothing wrong. I forward this recipe to people to know that cancer can be cured with Aloe Arborescens.

30-03-2015 – Received from Barbara B. - Austria

Dear Antonio,

I hope you are doing well. Thank you for sending the ordered package to Ursula Koch. Now I want to order again 4 bottles FRZ Aloe Aborescens à 500 g for myself. I like this plant, it is very good for my stomach and intestine. Please tell me the costs I have to transfer.

My adress:

Barbara B

07-02-2015 – Received from Paloma – Brasil

Since I posted my healing testimony, I receive a lot of emails asking how I am today.

I confess that, at first, I had "allergy" to the word cancer and the fact of remembering everything I went through resulted in full pain. Each has a way of feeling. Many of my friends say that they would tell everyone about the struggle that went on so that others could mirror themselves.

Others tell me they would prefer to stay in the reserved. I belong to the group that, many times, would stay in the reserved. Not that I am selfish, but that talking about it often brought me a lot of pain, bad memories of my suffering and the countless friends I met in the hospitals where I was treated, who did not have a second chance.

So talking about cancer made me relive everything I wanted to forget. But that was yesterday, in the past.

Then, one day I received an email from Dr. AMT, which made me completely change my way of thinking. I was very afraid to start a conversation about cancer, I believe it is due to the fact that everything is still very recent, with the wounds still bleeding. Today she made me reflect, making me understand that many need to know what I went through and what I got rid of so that they can hope and feel confident not only to start treatment but to maintain it.

For this reason, today I come here to tell you how I am.

But first of all, I want to say one thing: Don't be discouraged! Discouragement destroys you, corrodes you and makes you give up. Surround yourself with good and loyal friends and family. Forget those family members that just bring you down. If you have no one to trust, trust yourself. It takes a lot of strength to take the first step and start the treatment of aloe vera. But I say that it is necessary to have even more strength to walk, continue the treatment and not stop halfway. Know that it is useless to start a treatment if you are not fully convinced that you will have to continue it. Just as a swallow does not make a summer, a bottle does not bring salvation!

As for me, I am completely healed, without that damn disease. Damned in parts, because I can say that cancer made me see things that I didn't see before, made me a better person.

Currently I married the man who was always by my side, giving me unconditional support. I live in Sweden, my husband's parents and family. Place where I work and live happily.

In May I start another stage in my life: My baby will be born!

So, I am living life to the fullest that a human being is capable of living. I value every minute of my life, even in the face of adversity and the problems of the day, because, after all, it is in problems that we find the strength to fight and to learn.

So I come, through my life, to give courage to yours. Make you, who are going through all this torment, see that even with a cloudy day, there are stars above the clouds, waiting for the right time to appear, in all their radiance.

Know that above all, it is your will to live that will make you win. For it will do no good for others to fight their battle. You need to believe, you need to be faithful to the treatment, you need to fight. Celebrate each day. Every improvement, even if minimal, celebrates.

Trust! Persevere!

Go right now and take your prepared Aloe Arborescens, a recipe by Frei Romano Zago, and, with all your faith, give thanks to God for being privileged to know this wonderful plant. Think of many who have not had the same opportunity for knowledge as you!

I am proof that everything is achieved with strength, courage and discipline.

A hug to you!


03-11-2014 – Received from Dr.med. Ingo W. - Austria

Egregio Antonio.

Please send us again 10 FRZ Aloe Arborescens.

We love it. The taste is very good and if Romano Zago recommends it, there must be the blessing of the CREATOR of everything in it.

Thank you, Ingo

30-10-2014 – Received from Mathilde D. – France

Cher Monsieur Mota, merci beaucoup pour toutes ces réponses et conseils.

Dès les premiers jours j'ai trouvé que déjà psychologiquement il y avait un changement notable, plus vivre, moins lente, moins hébété... les intestins.. le second cerveau!

En vous remerciant,

A bientôt,

Bien à vous,


04-09-2014 – Received from Caroline V. (naturopath) - Belgium

Dear Antonio,

I just have taken the first bottle…and I am very excited because it gave me more energy, more happier, and if I may say so greater libido… (so feedback)



07-08-2014 – Received from Brigitte R. – Germany

Dear Antonio,

I have a friend who suffered pain in her upper and lower belly. She also had straining

bowel movements and mucuous stools. I told her that I have successfully been taking Aloe Arborescens FRZ against pancreatic cancer.

She was eager to try out the A.A. for herself. One and a half week later, she called me and told me happily that her pain was gone and that her stool is no longer mucuous. How wonderful. She will continue to take A.A. until she feels completely healed. From then on, she will take it in a 6 months regular cycle.

Thank you for your support,

Brigitte (Germany)

16-06-2014 – Received from José Tejada M. - Spain

I have developed therapies for cancer, with effective results, the Fray Romano cure is effective.

Very soon I will be explaining to humanity about diabetes and its true origin.


José Tejada M.

15-04-2014 – Received from Diácono R. – Brasil

Good evening, I would like to report that in October 2013, my 86-year-old father-in-law was diagnosed with rectal cancer of approximately 10 cm grade 3 and the diagnosis until the surgery was two months, the same time that after hearing about the diagnosis I communicated with my mother who taught me the recipe of Frei Romano Zago and I say that for two months before the surgery, and when he was operated on, there was no cancer, just an empty skin where the tumor was.

I would like to thank you for spreading this treatment and today I do it for several people and teach it.
A fraternal and big hug. God works in the simple.

Diácono. R

16-04-2014 – Received from Liliana T. – Portugal

Good afternoon Mr. António Mota,

Keratosis pilaris appeared on my face, do the leaves help in this skin disease?

At the time I tried the 2 bottles to cure nervous urticaria and I was fine, but now as I am trying to get pregnant I am afraid to take the syrup. Do only the leaves work?

best regards

Liliana T.

14-04-2014 – Received from Emil R. – Austria

Dear Mr.Mota!

Thanks for the delivery! I give some at the woman and I know a new disease and hope it will help her!

The new bottles are a very good idea, because when you consume it for prevention its exactly the quantitative and when you in the therapy its much more easier to handle!

Now I give it only as a gift and prevention for me and friends. I want to have feedbacks of the affected human. (My first woman do not lose all the hairs and can eat during the chemotherapy - that is important for women!)

Greetings from Vienna

05-03-2014 – Received from Agatha K. - Alemanha

Dear Antonio,

At last Friday I received the result of MRT:

The little tumour (at a difficult place between bladder and intestine) , which no doctor wants to operate not even surgeons at the University Hospital of Cologne: has been disappeared!!!

I am very happy, and want to continue to take this blessed plant every 3 month 3 times a bottle.

Thank You for your help and the interesting reports from other patients. God bless your work! Agatha from Cologne/Germany

Praying to God -Jesus and Aloe Arborescens help!!!!

17-02-2014 – Received from Fulvia – Italy
(lung cancer with metastases in the lungs)

Thank you very much Antonio, I will confirm soon the precise number of packages, together with the relative transfer on the subject of my father's hair in chemotherapy .... he has not lost a single one! and he has never been bothered by either l'aloe or the chemo.

see you soon




29-01-2014 – Received from Mário M. - Portugal

I want to share my testimony:

I can say that Aloe Arborescens regularized me: Stomach, Intestines, beginning of Anemia, and applied locally directly on the affected area: It has relieved a lot of pain and inflammation in the spine, as I have a herniated disc.

Thank God, who has placed ours attains this natural remedy.

I advise

Mario M.


23-09-2013 – Received from Elisabete P. – Portugal

I, Elisabete, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 (extremely invasive G3). I was operated on 5 months later, I had 8 chemotherapy treatments and 25 radiotherapy treatments, as you can imagine, there were very few defenses without strength.

A friend told me about an aloe-based medicine and I started taking it a year ago. The result was the following: I have more strength, my intestines work every day that hasn't happened for many years, the values of the markers are lower, after that what i mean is that i will continue to take.


20-09-2013 – Received from André I. - Portugal

Hello Mr. Antonio, I'm André Irulegui to whom we spoke on the phone a little while ago.

I would like to report about the Tumor in the Rectum that was detected in my father-in-law about 3 months ago.

After being treated for 6 months at the Hospital for Hemorrhoids ... he was told to have a biopsy of the rectum and the tumor was detected.

Wasted 6 months treating hemorrhoids ...

He entered the IPO and was immediately directed to Chemotherapy and radiotherapy for 6 weeks…

During the treatment he continues with the syrup… there was no physical sign of him reacting to chemical treatments… that is, a hair did not fall and he even increased his weight, his appetite, anyway… no one said he was in hospital treatment with chemo.

The surgery went very well… in the 1st consultation after the surgery, the Doctor reported that the tumor had been completely removed and that there were no malignant cells… and he almost confessed that only with the chemo and radio would no longer be necessary surgery… but that the protocol demanded…

Our hope with him now is that he will be able to evolve in such a way that he no longer needs to use the bag because it is very uncomfortable for him.

Returning to talk about the syrup…. We were told by a friend of hers also with a tumor in the spine, the Aloe Arborescens Tonic… so I contacted Mr. Antonio through CuraNatura… but in the meantime we learned about the Syrup of Frei Perdigão at the Monastery of Montariol in Braga.

Then we started the treatment with a 1st dose of about 1 liter of syrup with 1 spoon 30 minutes before meals and in parallel a strict diet without animal milk, red meat etc.

In the 2nd dose there are 2 spoons and no strict diet but always keeping a better diet as possible.

I am now going to the 3rd dose, I do not know the quantity of spoons….

We stop 1 week between doses.

When I started my PSA was 4.9, after the 2nd dose it dropped to 3.3

From the 2nd to the 3rd dose, I took about 1 month without taking… I had a PSA test and it went back up to 3.6

I hope that this slight rise does not reflect a tumor reaction again ... I will take the 3rd dose next week.

I remember that my particular case is a very small tumor in the prostate… it has a normal volume, but with this small internal tumor….

I really want to avoid surgery because I know the risks I take in terms of quality of life.

I hope I have helped with my report and any questions please contact…

A big hug and a lot of health to you and your family.


08-09-2013 – Received from Michel A. - Switzerland

Dear Madam, Sir,

We have received your product and have started testing here in Switzerland and are so far satisfied with the results.

Please send us a quotation for 3 units and the shipping cost to Switzerland and we will place our order.

Best regards,

Michael A.

21-08-2013 – Received from Juan Antonio R. – Spain

Hello Antonio,

I have hopeful news.

A month ago I had a diagnostic test in a private hospital (for which I had to pay almost 600 euros) at the suggestion of my urologist.

The test was a Dynamic Magnetic Resonance that is only done by this hospital in Andalusia (southern Spain). It involves taking an image of the prostate to see the degree of involvement it had to decide the type of intervention.

The Urologist's surprise was enormous since the results informed him that, if the cancer existed, it was SO SMALL that the device DID NOT DETECT IT!

As you can imagine, the joy was enormous but I do not want to lower my guard and I want to continue with Aloe Arborescens as before.

So I beg you to send me Aloe Arborescens again as soon as possible. I hope you leave me the same price as above.

I await your news.

A hug.

(In September -21 to 22- I will surely be in Lisbon and if I can I will call you to see you and greet you.)

Juan Antonio R.


Filipa M., about 30 years, residing in Amora / Setúbal / Portugal. She as uterine cancer. Took first FRZ Aloe Arborescens in January and acquired a second FRZ in 14.February in our shop, in Oeiras.

She was happy because the tumor of eight inches that was in the womb, was reduced to four inches with only a bottle FRZ.

Filipa M. – Amora / Setúbal / Portugal - 15.February.2013


Manuel C., 80 years old, residing in Oeiras / Portugal, with prostate cancer. In Dezembro.2012, was waiting to be operated and acquired a FRZ Aloe Arborescens in our store, Oeiras. In January.2013 took FRZ new and just purchased a third bottle after a doctor's appointment, where he was informed of improvement of all clinicians parameters. The operation, based on these results, it was suspended.

Manuel C. - Oeiras / Portugal - 6.February.2013


Jorge C. a client of Guimarães / Portugal, acquired about three months ago two FRZ - for a discharge of consciousness, he said - to his mother in almost terminal state, with a uterine cancer and metastasis and blood loss in organs various.

Already bought six FRZ and phoned yesterday to order two more, informing us that the loss of blood and ended the state of the mother is good for the recent past. As usual in such situations, he said: "I do not know if it's the aloe or whatever but the fact is that she is fine!"

Jorge C. - Guimarães / Portugal - 29.November.2012


Ana Maria M., Coimbra, commissioned and offered a friend - with liver cancer and whose name we unknown - two FRZ.

Just ask two more FRZ, with the following information transmitted by phone: "My friend went to a doctor's appointment and was told that his liver was 'silk'!"

The parameters of the clinical analysis are consistent with good health.

Ana Maria M., Coimbra / Portugal - 14.November.2012


E-mail received any of Juan Antonio M., Madrid - Spain:

Hello again friend Antonio,

I just ordered a new boat FRZ Aloe Arborescens, this time for a friend with the same problem: prostate cancer.

I have to tell you a great and amazing news:

The last blood test I have done in the hospital, I have downloaded the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) below 10 and against what the specialist thought possible!

So much so that by the time the operation was canceled I was going to do in a month.

My name is expressly urologist (specialist) by phone to tell me.

The medical staff is surprised!

Even I do not want to take the rooftops (i.e. much cheer and celebrate) because it is still amazing and wait until retreatment and see the results of a new analysis of PSA in a month.

But what is already is certain is that something positive has got the recipe from Fray Romano Zago. I am very pleasantly surprised and happy.

Kind regards and a hug, friend Antonio.

Juan Antonio M., Madrid - Spain - 1.November.2012


Another e-mail received from our client Claudia Oliveira, homeopathic doctor, Setúbal / Portugal

Dear Antonio,

I am happy to express my satisfaction in using the FRZ and have obtained excellent results with my patients.

Prescribe the FRZ in several cases, from simple prophylaxis in case of allergies, the detoxification, as in more complex cases of malignancies, in fact, advise everyone to take the syrup at the beginning of autumn and spring.

At the beginning of the test, exacerbate the symptoms themselves, naturally occurring in the homeopathic treatment; stabilize few days later, and a third period - one to two months – the improvements are, shall we say, coming from what might be called 'healing'.

Terminals must stress situations, and in those cases, we rely on the FRZ to alleviate the symptoms of malaise inherent to treatments.

As a naturopath, I analyze the quality of medicine in the order in which trigger the symptoms and experience, I think is an excellent natural remedy.

The FRZ has been a valuable ally to my work as a naturopath and hope that their disclosure is made on a larger scale, it weighs heavily on the success of a treatment.

In addition, your service is extremely efficient which is also an important factor.

Continue to do this great work.


Doctor Claudia Oliveira - Setúbal / Portugal - 16.October.2012


Phone call received from our customer Teresa M., Luanda / Angola, with breast, asking for two more FRZ, having already taken, since about a year ago, four FRZ: "I feel good and with a lot of energy '

Teresa M. - Luanda / Angola 10.October.2012


Manuel S., Linda-a-Velha, Oeiras, with a bladder cancer, detected for the first time about five years.

This evil rekindled about six months and decided to take FRZ about two months. FRZ took two and felt more energetic. He repeated the dose, continued to feel good. Subject to chemotherapy, said the bore perfectly fine, uttering: "It's like drinking water, it could take the whole year!"

At this time the parameters of the analysis, to the astonishment of the doctor who treats him and who had the candor to tell who was taking a syrup Aloe, has improved the parameters of analysis.

Your happiness is great because the doctor had previously prescribed for her extraction from the bladder, which at the moment is out of the question. Today FRZ acquired two more to consolidate the evil that affects you.

Manuel S., Linda-a-Velha, Oeiras / Portugal, in personal talking with António Mota de Azevedo - manager CuraNatura - 4.October.2012


Personal testimony of our client Mary Elizabeth B. - Alcantara / Lisbon with breast cancer:

After taking two FRZ Aloe Arborescens all clinical analyzes parameters has improved, as well as their physical state, especially in the right arm weakened after the operation, forces recovered quickly.

His doctor was surprised with these results and Mary Elizabeth had the candor to tell him he was taking a homeopathic product. The doctor suggested that he stop taking it for three months to determine the origin of the result of his frank recovery. This statement was not accepted by Mary Elizabeth that to continue to consolidate its recovery, acquired two more FRZ Aloe Arborescens.

5.September.2012 - personal testimony of Mary Elizabeth B. - Lisbon - Portugal

ONCOLOGICAL ILLNESS (unknown to us) - X

E-mail received from our customer Catherine V. – Azambuja / Portugal:

"It came to him asking for a special favor, my mother ran out to take Aloe but forgot to tell me, because we realized that when you pause ten days after taking 2 bottles of Hemoglobin values down quickly then we have reduced the break, today I made the purchase and have already paid, think it would be possible to send me urgently the bottle to arrive Friday?

If you can I appreciate.

She is much better, the tests revealed that the cancer has dramatically reduced main, doctors thought that metastases had to catch the cord, but now came the test results and are not, and she has felt better. "

E-mail received from Catherine V. - Azambuja / Portugal - in 8.August.2012


Eyewitness account made by our client Aida F.:

It has a sturdy gastritis that caused him deep malaise for five years. To combat took, daily and without interruption, the chemical Omeprazole, which solved this inconvenience, but aware of the side effects.

She experienced FRZ Aloe Arborescens and, after taking about half a bottle, feeling good, stopped taking those pills. At that time, I still felt some discomfort when lowered. He took the second dose (other FRZ) and sit without any hassle.

We add: a couple of these benefits, reinforced throughout your immune system and is much more wary of the appearance of cancer.

Eyewitness account of Aida F. – Oeiras / Portugal in 4.July.2012 with Antonio Mota, CuraNatura manager.


Reporting done by our supplier of frames, friend and acquaintance of several years, Manuel Pires - Paco de Arcos / Portugal: his father, Antonio da Silva Weaver, had diagnosed a cancer in marrow and was accompanied at the Hospital of Santa Maria for 22 years. He died of stroke in 2011, aged 84.

During this period, knowledge of the entire family took regular formula FRZ Aloe Arborescens, published for decades by Father Romano Zago. When he died, two vials were prepared in this refrigerator.

Later, in conversation with the doctor who attended - not pointed me in that period, although he had identified - this proved to be much admired for its longevity time, because, he said, exceeded four times the average lifetime that this disease provides these circumstances.

However, the most curious is that the cause of his death was a stroke.

Manuel Pires - Paco de Arcos / Portugal - in personal talking, on 11.January.2012, with Antonio Mota, CuraNatura manager.


We received the following testimonial from our customer Ana Carvalho, who published with the permission of their own:

It came to her a change in skin color back, more whitish. Besides unsightly and worrisome, caused him immense itching. She took FRZ Aloe Arborescens: the stain and itching disappeared, even before taking the whole bottle.

Ana Carvalho - Barreiro / Portugal - 18.October.2011


We received our Client A. M. Amaro (48 years), the following e-mail on your take of FRZ:

Since the end of the first week I began to feel significant improvements in my overall condition: more resistance to fatigue, digestive perfect regular.

After the first two months during which I took 4 bottles, 3 times a day, start my day by taking the dose FRZ Aloe I intend to keep forever ...

A. M. Amaro – Lisbon / Portugal - 15.October.2011


We received Suzana Ribeiro - S. Paulo, Brazil - the message transcribed below. Not being our Customer, but watching our website, was kind enough to allow us to add these testimonies:

Since Frei Romano Zago emerged with aloe (our FRZ ®) I've been using it very successfully and divulge it to everyone I know. I've done it for my cardiologist, among other acquaintances. I had three kidney stones and aloe they dissolved. Made with aloe and accompanied by my general practitioner, who was stunned with the diagnosis after a few months.

It also has another episode. A friend of mine who lived in EE.UU returned to Brazil because his mother had cancer already at an advanced stage and I made it to the aloe, who administered his mother in the Portuguese Beneficent Hospital, but she was already very ill and came to died and he returned to the U.S.

Once there he learned that one of her friends had had surgery to remove a cyst (?) from ovarian and that after surgery she began to present a picture of very heavy bleeding and did nothing to stop. Doctors had tried everything and had no explanation for her frame.

So that my friend spoke with the medical staff about the aloe and the doctors asked him to prepare and take to the hospital, because, as I had tried everything, not "cost nothing" to try something else.

I do not know where he found the aloe, but as he had seen me do to his mother, he made straight and took to the hospital. To the amazement of the medical team, two days after the bleeding subsided and soon halted altogether.

I always talk about these events to everyone I meet, even in informal conversations on the bus, subway.

I'm taking it again for a few months already did that did not take. "I cannot live without the aloe."

Suzana Ribeiro - S. Paulo, Brazil - kind of email 30.June.2011


In continuation of the story of our client, D. Helena Martins - described below dated

18.Nov.2010 - with the permission of their own. and then made the call today, we know you're okay.

At the time refused the operation and now has tumor markers at normal levels. We were happy and what more can we say?

Phone call with Ms. Helena Martins - Cruz de Pau / Portugal - 17.June.2011


Reporting, with proper authorization, of a Customer since January 2010. We ask you, by phone, to report by email your case and kindly.

He has 50 years old. It took nine bottles FRZ - eight bottles in one year - without the initial honey, for being diabetic.

The last three bottles, with half honey, because, of course, the FRZ powers up in its complete formula. Feels well, has controlled levels of Diabetes.

He wrote us that our Client:

"Good afternoon, I have only to report the result of your FRZ; here three years ago I suddenly my PSA prostate, increased from 7 to 27 *, despite making checks every year. Went to see a doctor, did a biopsy and saw that it was malignant. Walked in several doctors, but results were few. So I heard the aloe, and then started taking (since January.2010) and today I feel good. PSA always accuses 000, thanks to aloe (FRZ).

In brief, I think that is enough, Greetings. "

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Francisco de Almeida - Contenças de Baixo / Manualde / Portugal - in email 16.May.2011.


Thank you for your newsletter reference, Aloe Arborescens, a plant that I have been using for decades with excellent results.

As a clinical and homeopathic doctor I always recommend (FRZ) to my friends and patients, in Brazil and in Portugal, for the treatment of various pathologies both internal and external.

You have my permission to publish the following report concerning your therapeutic product which I know have an endless value for medical science throughout the whole world.

E-mail 24.March.2011 - Prof. Paulo de Lacerda, São Paulo – Brazil – MD, PhD.


In a telephone conversation with one of our clients, Dr Claudia Oliveira. (Naturopathic) from the Retiro de Amor e Paz in Setubal / Portugal, concerning the results obtained by some of his patients, who had all been clinically diagnosed with oncology and who had been prescribed FRZ for the last 3 months I learned that once they had started taking the medicine that the symptoms were aggravated. (A quite normal occurrence with homeopathic treatment) A few days later the situation was stabilized: one to two months later – the improvements are, let’s say, close to what we can call a cure. We reaffirm terminal situations, however even in these cases, there is some success.

This I also experienced, when I made a phone call around a month ago. We were referred to an oncological patient, who also suffered from constipation after having taken the first doses, and naturally we wanted to know how the patient was. The reply was “Better and the situation has now stabilized. The patient is fine”.

We were pleased with the results, which confirmed what we have known about for many years.

Naturopathic doctor Claudia Oliveira from the “Retiro de Amor e Paz” in Setúbal / Portugal, on the phone with António Mota – CuraNatura manager – 28.February.2011


A personal description from Isabel R.., in Vila Nova de Poiares / Portugal, who had suffered a few months ago with uncountable spots/blemishes, which appeared all over her body in ever increasing numbers and with an intensity, that provoked terrible itching and ill- being.

She was seen by the doctor many times at the local Surgery and hospital and given different tablets, capsules and creams. The result was always zero.

After having been recommended to scrub the body with the gel from Aloe Arborescens, in a week, the spots/blemishes started to dry and the itching started to disappear too. Today, after less than a month, she is completely fine.

Antonio Mota – CuraNatura manager – 15 February 2011


We received a call from our client in Faro / Portugal – Mr Noberto C…, who wanted to know more about FRZ.

He told us about his case. He has been diabetic for a few years, and had taken, on a daily basis, a chemical tablet to regulate his diabetes. During the day he was fine, on waking up he was always with a level of 180/190…….

After having taken a bottle of FRZ (without honey) and not taking the chemical tablet, he would also be fine all day long but on waking up noted a level of 143/145……

We commented that if with just one simple bottle he has made such improvements, it followed that he will continue to improve. We hope to be able to return and talk about this issue, later.

The name is fictitious, however we can provide evidence that this case really exists.

Antonio Mota (CuraNatura manager) – 20.January.2011


We received a call from our client Luisa M… from Caldas da Rainha, asking for some explanation regarding her own experience concerning Aloe Arborescens and wanting some explanation

Her father has been in bed???? For many years, she did not say why only that he had been visited by numerous doctors and nurses ………….

She mentioned his wounds and how deep that they were, and also mentioned the disappearance of the skin, muscle and bone, “meat” was what she referred to it as.

After having applied Aloe Arborescens, and accompanied by FRZ, the tissues started to mend and heal within less than a month; today the situation is under control.

After the doctors and the nurses had confirmed the improvements, they all admired the obtained results. It was not something that amazed us, since we have experienced many similar cases.

Luisa M…. from Caldas da Rainha / Portugal in the phone with Antonio Mota

(CuraNatura manager) on the 25 November 2010


Transcription with the authorization of the patient, a 60 year-old lady, who sent an email on 18 November 2010.

I am fine. Concerning the lump, it appears to have diminished in size a little, I am not sure, perhaps my faith has helped but it is still very early to be certain as to why .

I am thinking of continuing the treatment. In January I will have an exam done – an eco mammography – and then we will be able to verify the situation. The FRZ is running out, when it does I will order more.

Something else which is very important; during my whole life I have suffered from constipation, and have taken medicine on a daily basis, now even that problem has been resolved. Just because I took Aloe Arborescens.

I will now continue with the diet because it makes me feel very well.


Helena Martins – Cruz de Pau / Portugal – e-mail 18 November 2010


An extract from a conversation on the 17th February 2006 between Antonio and a friend (Olinda) about the improvements of a four year old child – who had a rare form of cancer – neuroblastoma – after having taken Aloe Arborescens syrup, prescribed by Frei Romano Zago. (FRZ), in messenger/hotmail:

Antonio: How are you dear friend?

Olinda: I am fine and you? Is everything okay with you?

Antonio: I am fine too. I broke my arm at New Year but as of yesterday I have my arm back in action.

Olinda: How did that happen?

Antonio: It happened in Andora, I was enjoying the snow and whack , suddenly a nutter smacked into me. And you how are things?

Olinda: I am fine.

Antonio: And your Godson? How is he?

Olinda: He is much better.

Antonio: That is great.

Olinda: Chemotherapy has worked very well. The symptoms have disappeared again. However he is going to continue with the treatment.

Antonio: Fantastic.

Olinda: He is taking Aloe Vera syrup thanks to you dear friend and I say it from the heart.

Antonio: It is great news that he is fine. I am very happy. What type of cancer does he actually have.

Olinda: Neuroblastoma. It is very rare. It only happens with small children. It is very quick.

Antonio: Which organs does it attack?

Olinda: It attacks the central nervous system. It can attack any part of the body. Francisco´s kidneys had been slightly infected but then the infection disappeared. This time it was near the knee bones but it too now seems to have disappeared.

Antonio: I am so happy. How old is he now?

Olinda: Four. He will be 5 in May. He is a beautiful kid, very intelligent and full of life. It is lovely to see him. He does not look ill, although he lost a lot of hair but that is now already growing again.

Antonio: That is great. I am lost for words and so very happy. The last time we spoke you were desperate.

Olinda: We were really desperate when the illness attacked again, the doctors did not give much hope neither would they promise that the treatment would be successful but as you know ,kids are very vivacious and react much better than adults. They really teach us something about life, we have a lot to learn from them.

Antonio: Was it at the last stage you started to give the Aloe Vera syrup.

Olinda: Yes.

Antonio: Did he react well?

Olinda: Yes and he started to cope with the chemotherapy much better.

Antonio: A cousin of mine with breast cancer had the same problem but she can cope with the chemotherapy and feels well enough.

Olinda: The taste of the syrup is really unbearable. However after explaining that it will do the world of good and the mouth ulcers will disappear he started to take it even though it tastes terrible.

Antonio: And?

Olinda: The mouth ulcers have become less and less.

Antonio: Wonderful!

Olinda: He has chemotherapy for 48 hours every two weeks and it provokes terrible effects, mouth ulcers to such an extent he would get a temperature and stop eating.

Antonio: Poor child.

Olinda: As a result he would sometimes be in hospital for days. Now he has considerably smaller mouth ulcers, does not suffer as much and does not feel sick. He eats very well.

Antonio: That is wonderful to hear.

Unfortunately I do not have any contact with this friend any more, but I do hope that in Francisco (fictitious name) is well, healthy and intelligent.

Antonio Mota – CuraNatura manager


Transcript of first curing cancer guided by Frei Romano Zago and whose success made him believe in the effectiveness of this formula to fight cancer:

"One day, returning from a tour of the chapel interior (Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil), I am approached by the village blacksmith:

- Brother, Uncle John is with prostate cancer. Is admitted to the Hospital Marques de Sousa and, says the doctor, his case has no back. It is a matter of a few days, he assures. On behalf of the family, I ask that you administer the sacraments.

- Thank you for warning me. Of course you'll take the oil of the sick. His uncle is aware? Do you think I can leave the service tomorrow?

- Perfectly. My uncle is very weak, but will resist until tomorrow. However, doctors say do not pass week. I just came from there and now I concluded that thing is ugly...

The next day, after meeting in the chapel of the Navigators, I traveled to the hospital. Ms. Gemma, the wife of the patient, showing signs of fatigue and worry, tackles me to the entrance of the room:

- Father, first of all, thank you for answering our request. Then, I ask that you tell John that he has cancer. I would like to make a good confession, preparing him for death. I'm asking you this, Frei, because I want my husband go to heaven after death.

- Let me, lady. The experience taught me to treat the sick the way it should be. Try to remain calm.

In the bedroom, I found a patient in extreme weakness. His voice, a wire disappearing.

Although not anticipate at me open the game on its reality, he warned me that he wanted to confess to a general confession, since this would be the last of your life.

Provisions that great! I thought. It is gratifying to find a priest penitent in such conditions!

Attended a contrite confession of person where, if there was consciousness of sin, also had unrestricted trust in God's mercy. There followed the acquittal, the apostolic blessing, anointing of the sick, the viaticum. In a word, he turned to what the Church has to offer, in an extreme case, like Mr. John Mariani.

I did not think it appropriate to inform the patient about his delicate state of health, as his wife asked, first, because there had been a good confession, in my opinion. Second, I was not the doctor who had attended the patient afflicted with cancer. And, thirdly, came to my mind the formula of the preparation that can cure cancer, whose knowledge gotten from Frei Arno Reckziegel, flaming provincial wheel of a mate, in the courtyard of Province.

In the lobby of the hospital, dismissing me from my parishioner, thought well advised to inform her of what had just perform:

- Ms. Gema, your husband was well prepared. As for your claim about the reality of health status, nor touched the subject. I thought it was not in my purview to inform you about the medical diagnosis, I am a layman in the field of medicine. And what's more, I know a preparation that has cured cancer...

- But Frei, who has cancer, must die. At least that is what is observed there. I believe you want to be a gentle difficult time. Thank you. We are realists. No use hiding.

I lost time in explaining the Ms. Gema say they can cure cancer. Incidentally, Ms. Gemma was equal to all the people I came across in front of the case, starting with myself. With all that big money runs the world, how a naive formula so you can perform the miracle?! The woman remained firm in his views and continued convinced that her husband would die of it.

When I concluded that 'that would not kill rabbit', as the saying goes, I decided to go to practical action, leaving theories and words.

By happy coincidence, I met Rubens, the couple's son, who had returned from the Registry Registrar Augustine Basso in order to finalize the paperwork to escape the inventory of assets in case of death of the father. I gave him a ride in my car to the entrance of your property. I thought to myself: - Who knows if I can motivate and convince the boy to apply the recipe, since there had gained success with their mother.

During the trip, I did not do anything but convince the boy that was in his power to prevent his father would die of cancer. To do so, would be enough to do what you teach.

Arriving at the landing point, assured me that his sister Rejane, that the next day would render the mother, already tired, the hospital prepared to take the father.

The week arose as all others. One fine morning, maybe about eight days after the anointing of the sick, I find myself with Rejane, in front of City Hall. Immediately I asked the father. He told me:

- Dad's in the past. The doctors who were sent home to die ...

- You mean you have it at home?

- Yes, three days ago that gave high, ie has no more appeal for him ... And the girl gulped before the weight of the fatality.

- But you have served him the medicine I prescribed? He took it straight?

- Yes, Frei. I myself took the potion to the hospital and he took it to the recommended daily dose and keep taking it. But it's so soft spot! There on the bed looks like a piece of barbed wire, excuse the comparison.

- Look, if he took the medicine, as guarantors, is quiet it will work. Grave is when people refuse to ingest the drug.

- You know, Frei, something strange happened. Mr. know he had that ball in the lower abdomen, do not you?

- No. I do not know.

- It was a ball the size of tennis ball.

- Yeah, so?

- Hence this ball disappeared.

- Oh, so you just have to greet my dear, for your father is out of danger! Your father won the battle against his cancer. Were it not so and how would kick that ball? Rather, it should have increased more and more ... In other words, the drug produced effects.

Actually, slowly, John Mariani returned to eating better. In a few days, he left his bed. He began to pace the room. Sneaking up the wall, he managed to reach the kitchen. Without delay, he returned to the courtyard, in contact with their animals. He reaped the first ears of rice dry. He ate the first citrus of the season and sucked cane sugar to Ghana that was in the days of boy.

Over the months, besides helping in the harvest that year, the output of the Fall-Winter, tilled the earth ox and plow, as he had long known that people like, for spring planting.

In 1997 - when it was edited Cancer is curable - John Mariani (b. 1913) remained alive in full use of his faculties.

This is one of many people who have overcome cancer, ingesting ready to announce. Can anyone doubt, but the fact that John Mariani alive today, despite having been patient with cancer, is in proof of the victory of this food supplement on the terrible evil.

John Mariani as there are numerous people, men and women, who managed to come out on top, each with its history, mutatis mutandis, is the story of the first patient whose cure coached and whose success made me believe in the effectiveness of this formula for fight cancer. "

Frei Romano Zago / Brazil - excerpt from the book Cancer is curable


Reporting done by John F.: two weeks before, had his neck, face and underarms with huge nodes - not asked him if origin was cancer - without the traditional medicine will resolve this problem. He took a bottle FRZ® Aloe Arborescens and, incredibly for him, the "lumps" decreased dramatically, to the point of no terms given by them in personal conversation.

But after he mentioned the fact, we found that there were still traces. He had been the day before and the doctor was amazed by the improvements this analysis. As is usual in these cases, he did not report that he had resorted product. Acquired a second bottle and we are confident that the improvements, perhaps the healing will happen.

John F. in conversation with Antonio Mota – CuraNatura manager.


It was Christmas 2008 and Perfumery in F. Oeiras Park Shopping Centre / Portugal, there was the usual bustle of this time of year. A maid, still new, complained of leg and "help her" to say that to rub Aloe Arborescens, for surely he would feel more relieved. With air and aware of the properties of the plant, she said to me: “I know very well the qualities of Aloe because my father has prostate cancer that was given as hopeless and recommended his "syrup of fathers” - FRZ ® Aloe Arborescens - which already takes more than six years with the indices of medical tests in prostate normal values. "

Year 2008 - Mary G., used this fragrance in conversation with António Mota – before to be CuraNatura manager.


A woman of about 40 years with various health problems and the intestines that affected her most. Initially took three bottles FRZ Aloe Arborescens. Improved, and generally got the guts, as she says, "to run like clockwork." Now, she says, just you a FRZ ® in the spring and another in autumn for maintaining normal health.

Year 2008 - Adelia S. – Cascais / Portugal before Antonio Mota to be CuraNatura manager


A woman of about 65 years, at which it was detected in the breast cancer and, in addition to standard treatments, she was prescribed chemotherapy. Simultaneously, he began to take FRZ ® Aloe Arborescens. First benefit, she said, "felt no discomfort felt that other fellow patients during chemotherapy." After six years continues well, although it cannot be guaranteed what benefit she obtained with FRZ.

Year 2006 - Rita D. – Porto / Portugal, before Antonio Mota to be CuraNatura manager


This event takes place in the train station of Paço de Arcos / Portugal.

One lady, in his 40s, complained, sore hands, a friend. And it showed in fact very malformed. How the other end there was a huge bunch Aloe Arborescens I did not resist recommending her massage hands and other body parts with the gel of this plant. Half incredulous, she heard my recommendations on how to proceed.

Two or three weeks later, again to embark on that station, I see a woman in the distance running towards me: the lady was complaining that came communicate us the best frank and say that, as many had free time at the kiosk where she worked, massaged several times a day, hands with the gel from the plant. We were all happier!

Year 2006 - Antonio Mota, before Antonio Mota to be CuraNatura manager, talking with ex-employee of the Kodak kiosk at the train station Paço de Arcos / Portugal.

Testimonies experienced by Frei Romano Zago, reported by Michael Peuser in his book
Capillaries Determine Our Destiny


Case No. 1: Father Romano Zago OFM started his services in the Holy Land on May 7, 1991. The number of tourists had decreased due to the “Gulf War“. After a month of acclimatization, his abbot decided to transfer him to the Holy Sepulcher, the site of the Resurrection of the Savior, remembered by Christians. As the three priests residing there were unable to provide the pilgrims with proper assistance, a young Arab man, named Nagib, also worked there. The priest observed that, right after his office hours, every day the young man went to the Arab Hospital in Jerusalem. He asked his brothers about what could be happening and they clarified that this young man was only a few weeks old, due to suffering from cancer in the lymphatic circulation.

Immediately, Father Romano prepared the beneficial Brazilian mixture, which he had used so many times in Rio Grande do Sul, and gave it to the young Nagib. As recommended, he started taking this healthy drink, prepared with Aloe / honey / alcohol. Neither he nor the doctors can understand the reason for the cure so quickly. The young Arab Nagib is still alive today, as the cancer of the lymph glands has disappeared.

Case No. 2: Father Romano Zago once received a letter from Father Alviero Niccaci OFM, director of the “Pontificale Athenaeum Antonianum” in Rome, from his branch “Studium Biblicum Franciscanum”, in Jerusalem. There, Father Francisco Xavier, from India, studied. He had a brain tumor, which had already been operated on at Hadassa Hospital, but followed by mysterious infections, which caused huge abscesses in the head and throat. The pus dripped from them with such a strong smell, that he could no longer participate in the meals with the others, having to take them separately.

Father Romano prepared the Brazilian mixture of Aloe and in a short time the priest from India was completely cured, completed his studies successfully and returned to his homeland.

Case No. 3: On August 31, 1999, Father Romano Zago OFM was transferred from the Holy Sepulcher to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, to teach Philosophy and Latin there. He found the school principal very upset, because his secretary, very ill, was on the verge of death, with no prospect of a cure by the doctors. Without knowing for sure what the serious illness would be, he prepared the Brazilian mixture and with it cured the secretary Michel S Doutor, in a short time.

Case No. 4: In the large S. Salvador convent, in Jerusalem, a Yugoslavian named Elisha, who was married to an Arab woman, worked for many years. He was responsible, as an electrician, for general maintenance. Due to prostate cancer, he was no longer able to work and was discharged. He underwent several operations and it was necessary, even, the removal of the testicles ("for the joy of a cat", as Eliseu jokingly said). He was sentenced to a wheelchair and became a case of constant assistance for his wife and friends. The convent administrator, Father Luis Garcia, then remembered the Brazilian formula based on Aloe and requested that Father Romano come, bringing the mixture with him. Elisha was fully healed and went back to maintenance work with the Sisters of St. Vincent on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem.

Case No. 5: Father Romano Zago OFM received a letter in French about a girl named Nicole, through the editorial staff of the magazine “La Terre Sainte”. Nicole is one of the victims of radioactivity at the Chernobyl plant. After only a month of treatment with the Brazilian formula, she was able to return to Kiev, Ukraine, completely cured. Nicole was 12 years old.

When he was in France, he had received a letter from Moscow, requesting that he test the mixture of Father Romano Zago OFM. No one was able to know how the information would have reached Moscow; no one knows for sure whether other victims of radioactivity have been treated in the same way. Why was the same treatment not given to everyone who had been affected in Chernobyl?

Case No. 6: Sister Hiltrude, from the Church of St. Anne in Jerusalem, visited Father Romano Zago OFM to tell that Dutch priest van Gelder was forced to interrupt his missionary work in Africa due to liver cancer, according to their doctors, they can count on only three more months to live. He returned to his homeland, Holland, to end his life there on earth. In the Netherlands, he received the Aloe / honey / alcohol mixture, with which he was fully cured, and then he could return to Africa to continue his blessed work.

Case No. 7: Mrs. Mirna, a Jewish lady from Sokolov Street, in Jerusalem, had heard about the formula of Father Romano Zago OFM and invited him to her home, so that he could teach her the “secret”. She paid close attention and even put on an apron, so that her monk habit would not get dirty. Under his supervision, the priest prepared two full bottles, one for her and one for her husband. She wanted to test it on her own body. She was so excited, she spread the formula to her circle of friends and acquaintances in Israel and Italy, where many obtained a cure.

By the way, she is a great admirer of the Franciscans, especially because Father Ricardo Niccaci had hidden her, with all his family, in the vaults of the convent of Assisi, at the time of the persecutions against the Jews. She now helps to make the formula for success known among Jews.

Case No. 8: Natali, 13, from the Ancone region in Italy, has suffered from brain cancer since she was five. She had already been operated on three times in the most famous clinic in Paris, which is one of the best in the world, but the cancer had returned to manifest itself even more intensely. Cortisone and morphine were no longer effective in relieving this child's pain, and a fourth intervention was ruled out by doctors. She received the product Aloe / honey / alcohol from Father Romano Zago OFM and the pains disappeared. She went back to talking, playing and riding a bicycle. The analyzes revealed, however, that the cancer persisted. He received a second glass of the product and achieved complete curing. The subsequent analysis no longer showed signs of cancer.

Case No. 9: Marcos, a six-year-old with leukemia, arrived with his parents in Belém. The doctors had given him a two-month survival rate, but Aloe, which he received from Father Romano Zago OFM, helped him . Before the boy was stuck in a wheelchair. After using Aloe, he started walking alone, dragging only his right leg. After the consumption of a second glass of Aloe, prepared in Belém, the father called from South Africa, saying that the period that had been given by the doctors had already passed and that the boy was still alive. Having recovered, even, the normal mobility of the right leg.

He overcame leukemia. The parents invited Father Romano to visit them in South Africa and Mozambique, to divulge the formula there and were deeply grateful to present him with a beautiful Seiko watch. Father Romano replied that his son's healing was not done by him, but by Aloe.

Case No. 10: One of the best known cases, published in detail in the magazine “La Terre Sainte“, is the story of the boy Juan, from Argentina, who suffered from leukemia. The bone marrow transplant, done in Spain, had not gone well and, before he died, he wanted to visit the Holy Land. He got to know the priest Romano Zago OFM and the Brazilian drink based on Aloe. He has completely healed and leads an entirely normal life in El Palomar / Buenos Aires, Argentina.

An almost identical case occurred in Nazareth / Israel. Daniel Silberstain could not find a donor for the bone marrow transplant. None of his family members had been found compatible and his father, a renowned and well-connected doctor, had even published advertisements in American newspapers.

Strengthened by the case of Juan, from Argentina, Friar Romano Zago “provoked“ Daniel Silberstain's mother by wishing him not to find the wanted donor. After that, his son Daniel started taking the Aloe / honey / alcohol preparation and was completely healed. He missed no more classes, passed all exams and is now the best in the class. Friar Romano Zago recommended that he take Aloe again, at longer intervals, as a guarantee.

In the scientific literature we also find reports on the treatment of cancer in terminally ill patients, where the use of Aloe presented excellent results: see Lissoni P., Giani L., Zernini S., Trabattoni P., Rovelli F. (1998) Biotherapy with the pineal immunomodulating hormone Melatonin versus Melatonin plus Aloe Arborescens in untretatable advanced solid neoplasms. - Nat. Immun.